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Are you an Aerospace OEM who wants to create or increase its business representation in Europe? Are you looking for local experts with regard to sales, procurement, customer service, business development? Both with business and technical expertise in airframe, aircraft engines, components, nacelles, landing gears, interiors or ground support equipment MRO or manufacturing?


We are a team of experts who have without exception an outstanding senior management record, each of more than 20 years in airline and aerospace MRO operations. Each team member is professionally qualified to support your specific needs on-site at  your customer’s or supplier’s European locations.

Our main focus is on business representations in the region of Central Europe, including major MRO and manufacturing facilities in France, Germany, Poland and the U.K.

Interested in discussing concepts and timelines? Please send us an e-mail with your area of interest or call* 631-542-1445 for a personal discussion.

*outside North America use country code +1